Month: January 2019

Demand for mini loans

The Mini loans are one of the most common demands among those who have some small debt and need a small amount of money to be able to get ahead. Well, in online mini-loans we are sure that not all debts are the same, so if you have debts of this kind, do not worry! […]

Personal loans for personal needs

The personal loan is a popular consumer credit. With this type of loan you can finance virtually all kinds of goods. From a new car to a complete renovation or renovation. And from a new, fresh interior design to your own energy supply in the form of a heat pump or solar panels. It is […]

Requesting a start-up loan

As the name says, the ‘starter loan’ is a form of loan that was created for starters on the labor market. If you buy a house as a starter, you can borrow an additional amount above the normal mortgage loan with a start-up loan. The start-up loan is financed by the municipalities, the Dutch government […]