Our offer is definitely worth using when you are looking for loans with a longer repayment period.

baner reklamowy Hapi Pożyczki

What’s more, in the case of problems with repayment, you can also move the originally set date of repayment of the installment.

The lender does not reject applications because of unfavorable entries in the debtors’ databases, but each case is considered individually and tries to match the amount of the loan to the client’s financial capabilities. For this reason, the company is characterized by a high level of acceptance of applications, thanks to which it obtained the first place in our ranking.

The company brand also does not have age restrictions in relation to people using loans. Of course, a minor can not come for a loan, but for a company, there is no difference if it will be a fresh student or an elderly pensioner. Everybody has a chance to get cash.

The pros and cons of loans

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The advantages of a loan

  • the possibility of repaying the loan repayment in installments
  • the maximum amount already available from the first loan
  • no age limit – it is enough for the borrower to be of legal age
  • loan also available for people with negative credit history
  • high level of acceptance of applications
  • option to change the date of installment payment
  • no additional costs in case of delay in payment (the client pays only penalty interest)
  • the possibility of returning the loan before the deadline

Loans disadvantages

  • no person without income will receive the cash
  • the borrower must have a mobile phone
  • only one active loan is possible
  • no telephone contact with the Customer Service Office
Advantages and disadvantages of Loans