We do not only offer closeness and transparency, we also offer solutions.

And these solutions become tools for you to do your calculations, in explanations without small print and of course, in quick loan in your account in a matter of minutes.

Have a coffee and enjoy your loan

In other platforms you are forced to fill in data and forms without stopping. Mails of confirmation and endless bureaucracies that convert most online mini loans in a whole journey. But as you will have seen in our blog we prefer that time and loan you spend as you want. Once you have filled out your application in which it will take just over 3 minutes, you will receive in a matter of minutes the loan in the account that you indicate. That’s why it will be a matter of having a coffee and start enjoying your loan fast.

Real advantages

The real advantages remain in words on many occasions but not with us. This is because our advantages are real and not fiction. Our virtual calculator for you to know the deadlines and quantities to the second, our transparency, request your mini loans , the lack of small print or the immediacy of our services, make our platform the best legal way to get your loan fast. We convert our services into real advantages in order to continue gaining the trust of all our friends who, fortunately, are getting more. And if your friends do not know us and need fast loan, do not forget to share!

Our quick loan, for people like you

Normal people, people of every day and from any place or belief. We do not know races, or beliefs, or social status or origin and that in this wonderful world the mixture is its greatest wealth. Among our friends there are people from all over the world, from the north of Spain, to the south passing by friends from Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay or Europe. And we are proud to have these super customers and friends. And everyone enjoys the moment of their quick loan.

Better conditions with the passage of time

Easy money

Maybe you have already enjoyed some of our services but there are many friends who are arriving little by little and do not know our products well. The friends of Harry Angstrom.es have to know that as they make use of our mini loans online, the conditions and terms improve. The closer you are to us, the better the conditions are and this is one of the ways to restore your trust. And if you need it here, we will always be there. Either for quick loan or for extra loan this Christmas that comes loaded with Christmas expenses.

Our quick loan, your great solution