How to Apply for Quick Mini-Loans

Vivus Minicréditos Rapidos sin payroll

The way to order Quick Mini-loans is very similar to the rest of the online financial institutions that lend Fast Money .

First of all you access your website in this case where they show you a selector to choose quantity and deadline to return. If it is the first time you request money, the maximum you pay is 300 Euros and the Term to return the money is usually 30 days. In successive operations you can order up to 900 Euros.
Once you have selected the amount and the term to be amortized, you will go to the next page where you will find a form to complete with your personal data, such as name, surname, ID number, address.
At that time you must have an email and an operational mobile phone that will be used to pass all types of communications and sending documents.
He then reports on his monthly income, how much he earns and for what concept if he has payroll, pension or receives income for other concepts such as aid, unemployment, rents, rents, etc. However, Minicréditos without payroll or endorsement can be requested.
Once all the information has been completed, click on send and you will receive an immediate answer. If your operation is accepted, you pay the money in 15 minutes by crediting your checking account with your bank or Savings Bank.

In order for you to receive the money immediately, it will be necessary for your Bank to coincide with one of the ones that the company works for, otherwise, transfers between different banks take between 24 and 48 hours.

Required by to grant Microloans

The destiny of the money that is asked for is the ideal one for unforeseen situations as it can be the repair of a car, electrical appliances, the purchase of a gift, etc. and therefore, when dealing with small quantities, the requirements are minimal.
– Have an age between 21 and 75 years.
– To be a resident in Spain demonstrable by DNI if the foreigners living in Spain are Spanish or Resident Card.
– Have recurring income for any legal concept and justified with documents.
– Have an email account and a mobile phone to receive messages.
– Have an open account in a bank or Savings Bank to receive the money
The maximum granted by is 300 euros in the first operation. If the experience is good and you pay the loan correctly, you can request a second loan and receive up to € 500. For the third operation they authorize up to 700 and from it they can already ask for up to € 900.

Advantages of Loans

We have already described that grants small loans for unforeseen situations and has some advantages that we detail them:
– They are loans with little paperwork. Unlike the loans in banks, the necessary documents are very small.
– The application is very fast , easy to process and everything online. In other words, you can ask for money 24 hours a day.
– The answer is immediate and pay the money in a few minutes . Approx. in 15 minutes you already have the money in your account.
– They are loans without payroll or endorsement. That is, it is not necessary to have payroll or pension. You can ask for other income such as unemployment, rents, grants, etc.
– The first loan you request is free. They grant up to 300 Euros without interest.

Quick Loans without payroll